Meet Amber Neely
Digital artist with over 15 years of experience, based out of Erie, Pennsylvania
My Goal
I'm an artist. My goal is to create things. I primarily create for my own enjoyment, but I also see art as a chance to help benefit others. For example, did you know that 82% of employees have said art in the workplace is personally important to them? Did you know that of that 82%, 73% said that if the artwork was removed, they would feel negatively toward the company? Art can make a workplace feel more inspiring, promote creativity, and even have a positive effect on employee health and mental wellness.

Of course, my paintings and photographs can be used in other places as well! Spruce up your man cave, your kids' playroom, or even your classroom with my art. Below are some of my paintings, all available for purchase on my Redbubble Page. Want to use a local print and frame shop? No problem! I can directly sell you a high-quality digital file that can be printed at any local print shop -- my prices are very competitive!
Experienced and Affordable
I'm not new to digital art. I've been using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Adobe Illustrator for the better part of 15 years now. In that fifteen years, I've learned how to create a wide variety of art -- though digital watercolors that I hand-paint with Rebelle are my favorite.

I also have experience with other forms of art, including ceramics, traditional watercolor painting, traditional oil painting, pen and ink sketching, pencil sketching, as well as logo and font design. I enjoy working with textiles, such as yarn and fabric, too! 

Because I know that everyone has a budget, I make it my goal to offer my art at an affordable price. 
Increase Productivity
Art can make work feel less like -- well, work! By hanging art that features calming subject matter, like landscapes and animals, employees are likely to feel less stress and feel more creative. 
Create Inviting Spaces
Whether you're decorating your nursery or your waiting room, art can help bring visual interest into a room, creating a space that people are happier to be in!
Increase Brand Awareness
Want to make people more aware of your business? Use bold, impacting images that relate to your brand. Memory is often linked to colors. Not sure what to go with? Feel free to contact me below! 
Questions? Feel free to reach out!
If you're interested in hiring me, you'd like to know more about how artwork can benefit your space, or just want to know about me, shoot me an email and I'll be glad to talk to you.